1) Why do I need your professional services to apply for a visa?

It’s important to make it clear that you can apply by yourself and go through the migration process without the professional representation of migration agents. However, there are so many reasons why you should get help:

  • The migration procedures might seem simple but they are very intricate and can be quite misleading.
  • There are regular changes in the migration laws and different internal policies of the assessing and government bodies, so that only professionals in the field can keep up to date with these changes and be sure that all the right factors have been taken into account.
  • We continuously get applications from individuals who wasted a lot of time and money on their efforts to apply by themselves and have used the wrong procedure or made other mistakes and they try to correct the damage that has already been done; we can still help at that stage but it’s much harder than to get it right the first time.
  • Plain and simple. Best to get it right the first time!

2) How long does it take to process a visa application?

  • Visa processing times vary depending on the type of visa application.

3) What are my options to get a visa to Australia?

  • You should arrange for a consultation with one of our experts so that your individual circumstances can be considered.